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Recruitment Process

After the submission of your information and professional history form, we have an access to your most recent job profile and work experience and that is exactly where the entire process begins.

Once your details are submitted, they are then sent to our main database and are then received by our recruitment consultants.

Your History and experience in a specific field is then matched with all existing and active jobs.

On finding a successful match (A job that matches your skill set and experience) you will then be profiled within a telephonic interview and all the discussed details will be transformed into a presentation.

The next step involves your coming to Banen Associates office for an interview with one of our Recruitment Managers and on a successful mark, your profile and details are then sent to the related client.

On a positive feedback from the client on the basis of your forwarded details, our recruiters set you up for an interview with the client directly in which the client discusses your job criteria and past experiences in detail. Acquiring detailed update on your present and past.

Once the profile is finalized by the client, the recruiter receives an intimation for offering you a package as per your experience (Keeping in view your course of salary in the past)

On successful selection, our recruiters then assist you with the process of resigning from your current position if required.

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